Our actions towards Sustainability

It is in our brand’s culture, to care for the environment and the footprint we leave on the planet Earth.
We take very seriously the materials we use to make our garments, because we are firm believers that what touches our body is affecting our mood. So we all need to be careful of the choices we make.

In order to serve our brand’s values, we take the following steps:

  • Our garments are manufactured in Athens GR in fair and safe environment for both the workers and the clothes.
  • We purchase our materials from greek factories or small businesses to boost our local community #buysmall
  • We always look for sustainable options and natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, organic viscose etc #takecareofyourbody

During the manufacturing of our garments, we make sure that the minimum waste of fabric takes place. Should there be any left scraps, we turn them into accessories (e.g. bags, masks). Any small pieces of fabric that cannot be used creatively, we recycle them.

Our packaging is made from compostable materials and will dissapear in the compost in 6 months. Also, they are resusable!


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